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Fertilizer, Soils & Plant/Pest Controls

Not only is it important to plant and grow high quality plants, you need to use the same quality for your soil and fertilizers. We pride ourselves in selecting and producing the highest quality products to fit your needs.

Our premium Art Knapp brand of fertilizer and soils allows us to know exactly what goes into them.  Our fertilizer is produced in B.C.; and our soil is made in Prince George at our south location.


Fertilizer and Soil Gardening Tips

Flowers – Annuals and Perennials

Annuals- are plants that you plant every year in the spring/summer season. They add beautiful instant color to your yard and containers that should last all summer long!

Perennials- are plants that come back year after year! Perennials have different bloom times, soil and sun preferences; therefore it is important to plan your placement out to get the most out of your perennial plants. Perennials are plants that keep giving by allowing you to divide them once established after a few years. You can give them away to friends or spread around in your own landscape!


Annuals and Perennials

Trees and Shrubs

The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago; the second best time is today. Planting trees and shrubs in your yard provides you with many benefits such as – privacy, shade, shelter & food for birds, a place for a tree house and helps improve the environment! When selecting trees & shrubs it is important to know the shape, size at maturity and soil conditions so you are able to plant it is the best location.

Come in and speak to our knowledgeable nursery staff and they will be able to find you the right tree or shrub for your area!

Trees and Shrubs

Seeds and Bulbs

If you are looking for natural and chemical free then look no further. Our non-GMO seeds, racks of organic seeds, salad mixes, seed tapes and more provide lots of variety for beginners and experts alike.  Our vast array of seeds are available in the spring and summer, literally hundreds of varieties. Whether you’re growing flowers, vegetables, or herbs we have the seeds and bulbs to get you started.

Visit our store to see our great selection of bulbs. We source out the best varieties and brands of bulbs from high quality suppliers ensuring your success. Planting bulbs is surprisingly easy, look for tips on our gardening blog to get you started or seek some advice from our in-store experts.

Seeds and Bulbs