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Greenhouse Products

Gardening Supplies, Tools and Planters

Tools and Waterworks

Having the proper tools such as a shovel to dig your hole, pruners to cut that branch, loppers to shear the hedge and gloves to protect your hands helps you get the job done easier and more efficient. We carry a large selection of tools from many different companies to help make your yard work easier including Corona Tools, Spear & Jackson, Felco and Watson Gloves.

And once you have everything cleaned and planted you will need the hoses, sprinklers and watering kits to keep everything watered.  Come and see our great selection of high quality water work products.  We can help you find the right product for your needs.  Some of the brands we carry include: Dramm, Gilmour and Nelson.



Gardening Tools and Accessories

Pots and Containers

Container gardening is a beautiful way to enhance your front entrance, balcony, landscape or inside your home.  The possibilities are endless with what you can plant and where they can be placed and moved.  You can fill containers with annuals, vegetables, shrubs, perennials, tropical plants, and holiday greens.

Our broad selection of pots really does bring the world into one space.  We bring in truckloads of pots from Asia, Europe and the USA containing ceramic, fiber, plastic, wood and more. We carry the largest selection of pots in Northern B.C. With such a large selection you are sure to find a pot that will best suit your personalized style and décor.



Garden Pots and Containers

Fountains and Statuary

With our yards becoming an extension of our home, adding fountains and statuary gives a personalized touch. Whether your landscape is just a balcony or a large yard you can find something that will suit your needs.

Fountains give you the opportunity to block out sounds and give that relaxing atmosphere of flowing water.  Statuary can help fill that hole in the yard or stand alone as a feature piece.

We carry a nice selection of fountains and statuary in cement or resin finishes including unique products from Henri Studio and Cast Art Studio.


Fountains & Statuary