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Early Blooming Perennials

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Perennials are a favourite in many landscapes. They tend to come back year after year when cared for properly and  add to the overall appearance of many landscapes. Perennials unlike annuals only bloom for a few weeks each season. It will take some planning to have constant blooms in the perennial garden. Some of the early bloomers are already in flower.

Anemone commonly known as Windflower, are great for the woodland garden. They are a clump forming hardy perennial, with dissected green leaves and pretty white single flowers that rise above the foliage. After they have finished blooming the petals fall off leaving silvery white globes. If left on the plant they will eventually self-sow. They grow well in most soils including clay and will tolerate shade

Bergenia has thick shiny, evergreen foliage that takes on bronzy red tones in the fall, making it an attractive plant year round. In late spring, stems rise above the foliage that have clusters of pink flowers. Bergenias are easy to care for and grow well in both sun or shade.

Bleeding Heart is a shade loving perennial with attractive foliage and pendulous, heart shaped flowers in mostly white, pink, red or a combination that rise on stems above the foliage. Grows best in cool moist soil in part to full shade.

Columbine come in several different varieties. This clump forming perennial has spurred, bell-shaped, single or double flowers that come in a variety of colour ranges. Flowers grow on stems that rise above the fernlike foliage, and are known to attract birds. Grows best in a well-drained soil, in partial shade.

Cushion Spurge produce perfect mounds of bright yellow bracts on soft green foliage that remain attractive after the bracts have faded. Plant in full sun to part shade. Toxic if eaten and also an eye irritant. Grows 30-45 cm tall and wide.


Goatsbeard looks very similar to an astilbe with creamy white plumes and attractive lacy foliage. These hardy, moisture loving plants do well in part shade/sun and are great for the woodland garden.
Iris come in different varieties with varying bloom times. The earlier bloomers are the bearded or German iris and the Arctic iris. They have attractive flowers that rise slightly above the sword like foliage.

Jacobs Ladder is a clump forming perennial that has fern like foliage that is either green or variegated. The clusters of small blue flowers appear above the foliage on tall stems. Remove the finished flowers before they form seeds as they self seed easily.
Peonies produce large showy fragrant flowers that make excellent cut flowers. These hardy perennials prefer to grow in sun to light shade. Once established leave them alone, as they prefer not to be moved.

Trollius also known as Globeflower produce round globelike flowers that make attractive cut flowers. The bright yellow or yellow/orange round flowers are found on top of strong stems that rise above the clumps of dark green lobed foliage. Once planted, they can remain in the same spot for years. Plant in an area where they will receive even moisture in sun or partial shade